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          iContact v0.2

          Contact is a simple contacts applications for your Windows Mobile device which will help you scroll your contact list in iPhone style by sliding down your finger in the screen.
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: contacs, scroll, list, database, manager

          GetyTV YouTube Downloader

          GET YOUTUBE VIDEOS on your windows Pocket pc ,Download Movies,Videos,Music in .flv , .3gp , .mp4 , .mp4(hd) formats , Designed Specially for HTC devices.
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: youtube, video, download


          Youtube Player allows you to search for and play videos in a nice Windows Mobile application, then plays the full FLV video (not minuscule MPEG4 versions) with its own player. Updated version ready for download
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Multimedia, Video, search, youtube, players


          PhoneLog logs all of your calls to the calendar
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Productivity, Organize, Communication, phone, utilities, log

          WoW Player

          View yours and your friends characters profiles for World of Warcraft
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: game, WoW, world of warcraft, profile

          World Cup 2010

          World Cup 2010 is one more app to bring you full coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: news, sports, football, soccer, team, follow, score, tables, fixtures, scorers, clips, rss, world cup, fifa, world cup 2010, south africa

          Gyrator 2

          Gyrator has an advanced graphical configuration interface using the G-sensor of the HTC Diamond/PRO to auto rotate the screen
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: utilities, rotate, screen, accelerometer, g-sensor, diamond, pro, htc

          Pocket Islam - Sahih Bukhari Hadith v5.0

          Sahih Bukhari Book - The complete Islam book - Requires Pocket Islam....
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Religion, Docs

          Salat Reminder - SMS

          Now with customizable calculation method, Multi-Lingual Support and Azan!
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: misc, religion, salat, salah, namaz, prayer, reminder, auto, wake, calendar, timing

          WM5torage v1.73

          This program will export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device (ordinary "usb disk") - effectively turning smartphone into flash reader (albeit USB 1.0 only, and...
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Communication, Utilities
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