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          » Salat Reminder - SMS

          Rating: awaiting 3 votes
          Summary: Now with customizable calculation method, Multi-Lingual Support and Azan!

          WM6.0+ Net CF 3.5

          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: misc, religion, salat, salah, namaz, prayer, reminder, auto, wake, calendar, timing

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          » Salat Reminder - SMS Description
          You must have seen many Salat (Prayer) Reminder applications on the internet, but I have brought an unusual application, which does not only reminds you but your friends as well.

          the Salat Reminder - SMS free for Pocket PC

          » Comments

          Sat-6-Oct at 11:23 pm
          abdinasir omar wrote...
          salat reminder-sms 0.98
          Sat-6-Oct at 11:12 pm
          abdinasir omar wrote...
          Sat-11-Aug at 11:21 am
          HD2lex wrote...
          hallah burn in the hell with mahomet forever... suitable for suckers muslims... soft contain H5N2 virus, swin flu. yes!
          Fri-20-Apr at 5:34 am
          chen freeware wrote...
          How to use it? It does not work。
          Thu-8-Mar at 6:29 pm
          anassalman wrote...
          excelent soft but i want the french lang in the next version. it could be very fine and useful.
          Wed-22-Feb at 10:28 am
          Salisu Banye wrote...
          Thanks so much
          Thu-22-Dec at 6:04 am
          Rashid Hussain wrote...
          Nice applicatoin......Good job.
          Wed-23-Nov at 5:13 pm
          davidoffdu95 wrote...
          Sun-24-Jul at 12:48 pm
          HD2lex wrote...
          mais bordel de nom de dieux ques ce qu ils font chier avec leurs mises a jours pour leurs salat, yen a ki se font vraiment chier grave. Hallabarbar
          Mon-4-Jul at 3:20 am
          Basha wrote...
          Great job for otherwise neglected Window mobiles. Jazakallah!

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