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          » WoW Player

          Rating: awaiting 3 votes
          Summary: View yours and your friends characters profiles for World of Warcraft

          Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
          .NET Compact Framework 3.5 !

          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: game, WoW, world of warcraft, profile

          Download now
          » WoW Player Description
          WoW Player helps you ciew yours and your friends characters profiles for World of Warcraft on your Windows Mobile device ! Check out Heartstone which is successor of WOW for Andorid.

          REQUIRE .NET Compact Framework 3.5 !

          For more information and updates please check the Triangle Powers Software web site

          the WoW Player free for Pocket PC

          Made by: Triangle Powers Software

          » Comments

          Tue-18-May at 9:53 pm
          Greg wrote...
          Wish this app worked on my Touch Pro 2. And since the creators are no longer in business, I can't get the update of v1.05 to make it work. if anybody has this whole file and it works, please get back to me.
          Thu-10-Sep at 10:35 pm
          mike ramey wrote...
          I need help finding net cf 3.5 for my htc touch pro
          Tue-18-Nov at 2:53 pm
          killer321 wrote...
          Its great
          Thu-23-Oct at 12:57 pm
          oscar leonardo wrote...
          parece que esta buenisimo
          Thu-9-Oct at 9:55 am
          Brad wrote...
          If you do not see your server in the list, try typing it in manually, that worked for me.
          Thu-9-Oct at 5:02 am
          Menno wrote...
          Yeah the US version seems to work fine and smooth on my HTC. However EU servers are stil not supported (although the option is intheir) Keep up the good work!
          Tue-7-Oct at 3:29 am
          gamer.amelli wrote...
          Finally works! I downloaded the latest update (v1.05) from the developer site (Triangle Powers Software). You have to be registered with the site to be able to update the app through the program itself though, otherwise just redownload the latest one. Thanks to the developer for contacting me to help resolve the problem.
          Fri-3-Oct at 9:13 am
          Menno wrote...
          Yeah the option EU is now in the latest version (v1.0) however it doesnt seem to work, because I don't see the EU Servers
          Tue-30-Sep at 11:37 am
          Dave wrote...
          Make sure you're running the most recent version, it seems to have support for EU and US servers (via a toggle in the options).
          Mon-29-Sep at 3:51 am
          Savageslave wrote...
          Hi, is there any chance of a EU version or is there a way to switch it to EU servers rather than US, thanks in advance.

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