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          A nice and simple application to save you from remembering all your contacts birthdays, it just does it for you.
          Arrived: Feb 23, 2010
          Found under: reminder, sms, birthday, anniversary, autosms

          GetyTV YouTube Downloader

          GET YOUTUBE VIDEOS on your windows Pocket pc ,Download Movies,Videos,Music in .flv , .3gp , .mp4 , .mp4(hd) formats , Designed Specially for HTC devices.
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: youtube, video, download

          HTC Home Customizer v1.0

          Rating: 5/5
          This is an application which lets you completely customize and backup/restore your HTC Home Plugin settings.
          Arrived: Mar 13, 2008
          Found under: htc, home, plugin, today screen, customize, utilities

          Spin The Arrow 2

          Use arrow instead of the bottle to play "Spinning the Bottle."
          Arrived: Oct 12, 2009
          Found under: Spin, arrow, spinning bottle, fun,

          TechPocket4Phones App

          Rating: 3/5
          This a app that reports the latest Smartphones news.
          Arrived: Oct 11, 2010
          Found under: misc, news, entertainment, smartphones, android, windows mobile, ios

          XWords for Pocket PC

          Rating: 4/5
          XWords is a word scrabble game for your Pocket PC
          Arrived: Feb 10, 2009
          Found under: word, games, board, cross

          (Free!) Due Date Reminder 1.0

          Rating: 4/5
          Managing your Due Dates will be more quicker, easier and comfortable with Due Date Reminder.
          Arrived: Mar 2, 2005
          Found under: Business, Time Management, Organizers

          (Free) Minutes of Meeting 1.0

          Tired of carrying papers for meetings? Use "Minutes of Meeting 1.0"... Its FREE !!!
          Arrived: May 13, 2005
          Found under: Organizers, Project Tracking, Project Management

          +StartPage VGA 1.90

          Rating: 4/5
          Why have a useless startpage in Pocket Internet Explorer? +StartPage turns it into one of the most useful tools on the Pocket PC.
          Arrived: Aug 13, 2005
          Found under: Internet, Browsers

          .Hack v1.0

          Rating: 5/5
          A collection of 18 Pocket PC 2002 themes of .hack's characters....
          Arrived: Apr 16, 2006
          Found under: Misc/Fun, Themes
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