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          Gyrator 2

          Gyrator has an advanced graphical configuration interface using the G-sensor of the HTC Diamond/PRO to auto rotate the screen
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: utilities, rotate, screen, accelerometer, g-sensor, diamond, pro, htc


          Measure the angles of a surface using the bubble level concept REQUIRE HTC TOUCH DIAMOND !
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: accelerometer, tilt, sensor, measure, diamond, utilities, engineer


          Rating: 4/5
          G-Rotator is an application which uses G-Sensor to detect the orientation of the device to change the screen orientation respectively. Sensitivity of sensor and duration after which data from sensor has to be fetched is user-defined. Can be set to start on startup too.
          Arrived: Mar 17, 2011
          Found under: sensor, accelerometer, rotate, screen, orientation, utilities, tools


          Manage accelerometer on SE Xperia X2 with X2AccelerometerUtility
          Arrived: Dec 13, 2010
          Found under: Tools, accelerometer, xperia, x2

          Keep Screen Readable

          KeepScreenReadable is a program for optional keeping backlight and changing orientation when specified application was executed.
          Arrived: Nov 22, 2010
          Found under: Tools, backlight, orientation, accelerometer

          Pocket Slider

          Rating: 4/5
          Slider puzzle for the Pocket PC.
          Arrived: Oct 15, 2010
          Found under: game, accelerometer, pocket slider, camera, slider game, fun,


          Rating: 2/5
          Shake2Send is an application I made that allows two devices to pair and send contacts over the air.
          Arrived: Jul 13, 2010
          Found under: misc, contacts, synchronization, sync, send, share, bump, accelerometer


          Rating: 4/5
          You control small ball which flies through a cave.
          Arrived: Apr 7, 2010
          Found under: games, diamond, accelerometer, sensor, cave


          Rating: 5/5
          BOING is a game built for use on a Windows Mobile phone with a tilt sensor / accelerometer/ g-sensor.
          Arrived: Feb 24, 2010
          Found under: Games, Accelerometer, g sensor, ball


          Rating: 4/5
          Water Level that uses the TG01(T-01A) Acceleration Sensor.
          Arrived: Dec 21, 2009
          Found under: utilities, accelerometer, gsensor, level
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