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          PhoneLog logs all of your calls to the calendar
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Productivity, Organize, Communication, phone, utilities, log


          Skyfire is a free mobile browser for Windows Mobile, watch web video, listen to web music, shop, and use social networks ? just like your PC. It?s the PC web on your phone. Real fast.
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Utilities, Browsers, web, video, stream, flash, skyfire, mobile, phone, browser, opera, windows, ppc, pocketpc

          Call Firewall

          CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls. Features & Options: a. Accecpt all calls - pretty self explainatory b. Accept call from My Contacts only - accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected c. Reject all calls - pretty self explainatory d. White List - accepts calls
          Arrived: Feb 2, 2020
          Found under: Communication, phone, call, filter, firewall, deny, accept, contact

          Dictionary for Windows Phone

          Rating: 4/5
          The best Dictionary app for daily use on Windows Phone. Now your favorite Dictionary comes with Favorites, History, Word Suggestions and more! Please note that this is an English-only dictionary and does not provide translations from one language to another.
          Arrived: Aug 7, 2012
          Found under: dictionary, windows phone, paras wadehra, wadehra

          Unit Converter for Windows Phone

          Unit Converter to convert various units into one another. You can convert units like Area, Data, Distance, Length, Temperature, Time, Volume, Weight and more.
          Arrived: Aug 7, 2012
          Found under: unit converter, unitconverter, paras wadehra, wadehra, windows phone

          SketchPad Free

          SketchPad allows you to draw free hand on a canvas on your device using a vast color palette and to save your sketch to keep for memory and show it to others.
          Arrived: Aug 7, 2012
          Found under: sketchpad, sketch pad, paras wadehra, windows phone, wadehra, draw, artist, drawpad, photo

          Windows Mobile Blacklist 1.5

          Rating: 4/5
          Reject undesidered calls with Blacklist Application and some another functions
          Arrived: Apr 2, 2012
          Found under: communication, phone, blacklist, reject, calls


          Rating: 3/5
          TExtRact enables you to take a picture using you mobile phone's camera and get the text from the picture.
          Arrived: Mar 17, 2011
          Found under: ocr, games, fun, images, camera, productivity, text, mail, dial, phone

          Dial Than Num

          Alpha first test release! Windows mobile just got more mobile! Take pictures on the fly and dial the numbers inside the picture!
          Arrived: Nov 19, 2010
          Found under: Misc, Communication, ocr, text recognition, dial, phone

          Pocket Call Bouncer

          Rating: 3/5
          Block unwanted calls to your Pocket PC.
          Arrived: Oct 15, 2010
          Found under: Utilities, Communication, Phone, call blocker, phone, pocket call blocker, phone utilities
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