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          Rating: 4/5
          MSentinel is a reminder software for missed calls, sms, mms, emails, voice mail and tasks
          Arrived: Mar 23, 2010
          Found under: reminder, sms, calls, mms, tasks, emails, voice mail, vibration, polish

          Salat Reminder - SMS

          Now with customizable calculation method, Multi-Lingual Support and Azan!
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: misc, religion, salat, salah, namaz, prayer, reminder, auto, wake, calendar, timing

          Days 2 Birthday

          Rating: 3/5
          Quick summary for upcoming birthdays.
          Arrived: Oct 15, 2010
          Found under: misc, calendar, organize, birthday reminder, birthday dates, outlook birthdays, birthday calendar


          Rating: 3/5
          Vibrate and or generate a chosen sound at a set interval, to notify the user that there are missed calls or unread SMS messages.
          Arrived: Feb 23, 2009
          Found under: utilities, reminder, notification, SMS, missed, call


          Rating: 5/5
          ReRemind is a simple Windows Mobile service that will play a sound at a specified interval when an event is waiting your attention.
          Arrived: Mar 8, 2010
          Found under: reminder, notification, utilities


          Rating: 5/5
          So Page Brooks was talking with me earlier this week and he had a great idea for another Windows Mobile application. He wants an application that will repeat alerts for missed phones and text messages...
          Arrived: Jul 3, 2008
          Found under: calls, repeat, alarm, reminder


          A nice and simple application to save you from remembering all your contacts birthdays, it just does it for you.
          Arrived: Feb 23, 2010
          Found under: reminder, sms, birthday, anniversary, autosms

          SMS 3.0

          A simple and fast to use Bulk and Customized reminder SMS solution.
          Arrived: Dec 21, 2009
          Found under: SMS, bulk sms, reminder sms, rapid sms, mass sms

          B2C - Birthday2Calendar

          This is a very simple application which will add a calendar entries for our contacts who has birthday dates assigned !
          Arrived: Jun 26, 2009
          Found under: calendar, birthday, reminder


          Rating: 5/5
          Monitor maintenance for several cars with autoreminders
          Arrived: Feb 23, 2010
          Found under: Personal, Car, Maintenance, Reminder, track, tasks, monitor
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