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          PhoneLog logs all of your calls to the calendar
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Productivity, Organize, Communication, phone, utilities, log

          Gyrator 2

          Gyrator has an advanced graphical configuration interface using the G-sensor of the HTC Diamond/PRO to auto rotate the screen
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: utilities, rotate, screen, accelerometer, g-sensor, diamond, pro, htc

          WM5torage v1.73

          This program will export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device (ordinary "usb disk") - effectively turning smartphone into flash reader (albeit USB 1.0 only, and...
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Communication, Utilities


          Measure the angles of a surface using the bubble level concept REQUIRE HTC TOUCH DIAMOND !
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: accelerometer, tilt, sensor, measure, diamond, utilities, engineer


          Skyfire is a free mobile browser for Windows Mobile, watch web video, listen to web music, shop, and use social networks ? just like your PC. It?s the PC web on your phone. Real fast.
          Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
          Found under: Utilities, Browsers, web, video, stream, flash, skyfire, mobile, phone, browser, opera, windows, ppc, pocketpc

          SPB ScreenShot

          SPB ScreenShot is a tool to capture your screen on preset delay or with hardware button.
          Arrived: Feb 3, 2020
          Found under: screen, capture, utilities


          This program is a touch driver to handle the touchscreen presses and vibration. It simply made your device vibrate when you touch the screen !
          Arrived: Feb 3, 2020
          Found under: Utilities, vibration, touch, sensor, touchscreen, diamond, touch pro, response

          HTC Task Manager v2.0

          The all new New HTC task manager 2.0 helps you control your mobile device running processes.
          Arrived: Feb 3, 2020
          Found under: task, manager, utilities

          PIM Backup

          PIM Backup allows you to backup/restore the Personal information of the Pocket PC like Contacts, Appointments, Tasks etc.
          Arrived: Feb 3, 2020
          Found under: Utilities, backup, PIM, contact, task, restore, schedule

          Iris Browser

          The Iris Browser brings an unparalleled full Web experience to mobile and embedded devices.
          Arrived: Feb 3, 2020
          Found under: Utilities, Browsers, internet, browsing, communication
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